Next steps

We have made a decision about A Life Worth Living, this weekend. Following a few unsuccessful festival submissions, we have decided to focus on festivals without a requirement that the film be a premiere. This means that while continuing apply to festivals, we can also move forward with selling the DVD, which should be on […]

Back on track

It has been too long since the last blog… and there is so much to catch up on. We have had several screenings of A Life Worth Living, and have now finalised the DVD copy for release, once the film festival season completes. One thing which I don’t do well is waiting. Perhaps this is […]

Channel 4 News

This week saw A Life Worth Living go national, with a fantastic piece on the film on UK Channel 4 News. Katie Razzall does a fantastic and very complimentary job highlighting my life and the film. I’m greatly honoured! Check out the piece here:

Exciting Times

Well things are really starting to heat up with A Life Worth Living, as we enter the promotion and distribution phase for the project. Another steep learning curve as we attempt to get our heads around the intricacies of film Festival submissions, DVD production & sales, TV commissioning processes – it’s enough to send your […]